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Why Engage a Consultant

Management Consultants work in a variety of fields which are as broad as business itself. These areas include government and private business, and include industries such as, agri/aquaculture, engineering and manufacturing, services, IT, education, health and the military, to name just a few.

Organisations engage consultants for several reasons, some of which are:

  • Where skills and expertise to undertake development tasks are not normally available –
    consultants can fill the ‘skills and experience’ gap critical to the successful completion of a task. Your consultant should work with you at a practical level to impart the required knowledge to assist your future development.

  • Where time constraints and a requirement to attend other tasks dominate –
    consultants can act as an independent ‘part-time’ resource to work with your team to complete tasks in a professional manner. Your consultant should be able to work with you and your team as a ‘spare’ resource.

  • Where independent and objective views are required –
    consultants can be engaged to provide a view of your business which is free from long standing views ‘cultured’ within the organisation. Your consultant should be able to facilitate processes capable of providing a fresh look at your activities.

  • Any combination of the above.

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