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Here is what others have said about the benefits they gained from engaging
Business Guidance and Assistance Pty Ltd….

Simon Pitney,
Managing Director, Springfield Fisheries Pty Ltd

“Our newly established aquaculture business has potential to supply expanding international markets. This market potential required a structured approach to ensuring our operations and financial controls were managed to support the market growth. Colin has worked with us to develop an action plan and business plan which has assisted with the management of our growth, and enabled us to double our sales (from $1M to $2M) and employment during the past two years.”

Carmel Torenius,
Chair, South East Regional Development Association

“Colin is engaged by our organisation to provide a clear strategy for the future provision of an outreach business advisory and assistance service to our business clients. This strategy, based on clear methods and practices, has lifted the profile of our organisation by providing effective business services. In addition, Colin has worked hands-on to assist these businesses toward better practices, and the unsolicited feedback from client business people is testament to a friendly approach by working with people rather than for them.”

Brett Schulze,
Managing Director, Schulze Engineering Pty Ltd

“Colin provided a catalyst and facilitated a review and analysis of our business operations. This structured process identified two key competencies with potential to expand our business into broader markets. The establishment of clearly defined action plans for business improvements has now set up our marketing, operations and financial control practices and processes to cope with developing these new business opportunities.”

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