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Principle Consultant

Colin’s business experience includes 17 years with Telstra and more recently nearly 5 years with Global Lightning Technologies*. He attained a Bachelor of Business from the University of Tasmania in 1993, is a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants and the Australian Institute of Management, and has a Certificate of Electrical Engineering.

As a Business Development Manager Colin has directed the commercialisation of successful venture developments and managed several large business opportunities. Successful business and product development requires a managed and co-ordinated approach, involving market and product research/development, through to the co-ordination of company operations, manufacturing, marketing/sales and financial resources. This experience extends to business/product development for markets in Asia, the Middle East and Europe where broad business networks continue to be maintained. Business development requires a persistence to identify and satisfy customer requirements, the result being consistently higher levels of business volume.

Business Guidance and Assistance Pty Ltd was established in early 1999, as a result of Colin identifying an unfulfilled need for broad focused Business Development consulting within the business community. Since that time Colin has worked with clients across industry sectors including agri/aquaculture, IT, tourism, engineering and manufacturing (to name a few), and in government and private sector business.

* Global Lightning Technologies was a National Export Award winning developer, manufacturer and marketer of lightning protection systems who generated 50% of sales overseas. The success of the Company resulted in a merger with US based multinational company Erico International in 1997.


Cert. Elect. Eng.
Principle Consultant and Director
Business Guidance & Assistance Pty Ltd
ABN 15 086 400 044

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