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BGA Business Profile

• Business Guidance and Assistance Pty Ltd - Objectives
• Business Guidance and Assistance Pty Ltd - Core Competencies
• What Assistance is Based on

Business Guidance and Assistance Pty Ltd - Objectives:
  • To work on assigned tasks with client organisations to develop and expand local, national and global markets.
  • To work on assigned tasks with client organisations to help apply better business practices, and ensure continual improvement.
  • To assist the improvement of business to further assist with economic development.
  • To develop effective client relationships within the general business community.
  • To develop and expand a portfolio of client organisations to assist business networks for the benefit of clients.

Business Guidance and Assistance Pty Ltd - Core Compentencies:
  • Identifying new business opportunities - finding previously unfulfilled market needs and identifying solutions for clients.
  • Assessing the potential of new business opportunities - evaluating the “fit” between client business operational and financial capabilities and market requirements.
  • Assessing resources requirements for new ventures, and developing applicable budgets – ensuring any business requirements or deficiencies are identified and addressed.
  • Audit and review business processes - assessing the business processes and facilitating improvements to cater for new and existing opportunities.
  • Developing and planning business operations - ensuring business capabilities meet the market need.
  • Developing new business into domestic and export markets - expanding business product potential.
  • Implementing Plans – assisting business toward taking the appropriate actions to fulfil objectives.
  • Assisting business to gain further help with development – searching and identifying other potential sources of assistance such as industry specific experts, sources of funds and government assistance including grant applications.

Assistance is Based on:
  • Words - plans and reports necessary to focus the organisation and purvey goals to any interested party.
  • Action - implementing specific tasks to ensure the plans are fulfilled.

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